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A Naikan Episode: The Friend in the Mirror

This post was written by Viveca Monahan   For years, standing before the mirror, I have lamented my reflection. I criticized the pores, the brows, the lopsided smile. I laughed at the imperfect tooth, the chins, the unruly lock of hair. I fantasized surgery for the drooping eye lids, and liposuction for the wiggly thighs […]

On Naikan Reflection

This post was written  by Sue Cole   I had to reflect on my father several times before I could see more clearly, before I could put myself in his shoes and walk through my teen years.  Tears of regret prompted me to write this haiku: Wish I could thank him, Reflecting on my father. […]

Shifting the Trajectory by Five Degrees: My Personal Naikan Story

This post was written  by Chikako Ozawa-de Silva  I would like to share my personal journey of Naikan. My first encounter with Naikan was when I sat for one week at the Meiso no Mori Naikan Center in Tochigi, Japan, under Shimizu-sensei’s guidance. My primary purpose in experiencing Naikan was my academic research, even though […]

Lies and Consequences

This post was written by Viveca Monahan People sometimes lie in subtle ways. These lies aren’t meant to deceive others. In fact they aren’t even voiced, but are pretenses we create for ourselves when we would rather not face what’s actually there.  They happen in a flash. Indeed had I not decided to capture my […]

Imperfect Love

The shouts of imperfect love were so loud They blinded me to my own ingratitude                  —Ho Sen   This post was written by Viveca Monahan. My mother would be turning 100 years old this year had she lived. I have been writing a memoir since her death […]