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A Report on a Naikan Conference in Japan

This blog post will be of special interest to those who are Naikan Practitioners. With thanks to Clark Chilson.  From July 7 to 9, 2017, I attended a joint conference of the Japan Naikan Association (JNA) and the Japan Naikan Medical Association (JNMA) held in Okayama Prefecture, Japan. It was the 40th general conference for […]

How to Find a New Perspective on Your Relationships

 Photograph by Helgi Halldórsson https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Relationship_of_friends_(603887704).jpg   Our brains keep us from seeing reality objectively. In fact, they skew our reality toward the negative. Memories of unpleasant experiences stick in our minds while recollections of positive experiences slip out of our everyday working memories.  The neurologist Richard Mendius and the neuropsychologist Rick Hanson cleverly conceptualize this […]

A Poem For the Road

The photograph is by tciriello and can be found at https://www.flickr.com/photos/tciriellopix/14559075443 The poem below was written by Morikawa Riu, the mother-in-law of Yoshimoto Ishin, the founder of Naikan.  Yoshimoto regarded Riu as a profound practitioner of self-reflection.  The poem is commonly displayed at Naikan Centers in Japan so those doing Naikan can read it. (Translated […]

Naikan’s Purpose is Spiritual Awakening

Naikan’s Purpose is Spiritual Awakening The founder of Naikan, Yoshimoto Ishin, was a devout Buddhist who saw Naikan as a spiritual practice. In the 1950s, he had some of this writings translated into English and compiled in a book titled Self-Reflection will Guide You to the Right Way. In this book, Yoshimoto describes the purpose […]

A Naikan Exercise to Help Overcome an Addiction

Since the 1960s Naikan has been used at hospitals in Japan to help alcoholics quit drinking. As one part of addiction treatment programs that use Naikan, people are asked to calculate how much money they spent on alcohol. You can try this exercise for yourself.

Self-Reflection for Parents

[ photo: Porthcurno Beach, Cornwall Karen Roe 08-03-2005 ]   Somewhere in the heavenly realms of a galaxy far, far away, there may exist a pantheon of parents who never fight with their children, never get annoyed by them, never wonder why their sons or daughters do not take their advice, and never wish their children […]