Residential Certification Program in Japanese Psychology

The Residential Certification Program in Japanese Psychology is the most empowering, innovative and engaging program on mental wellness that you will find anywhere!

This nine-day program is a unique educational opportunity, providing training and practice in Japanese Psychology, specifically Morita Therapy and Naikan.  The curriculum of the program is broad, powerful, and relevant to both our everyday lives and our grandest dreams.  The core material, presented each morning, stimulates a rich and thought-provoking discussion amongst participants.  Afternoons include a personalized daily individual session, as well as experiential opportunities to work with the material through a wide variety of assignments, exercises and practices.  There will be time for daily meditation, self-reflection and physical exercise as well.

A strong sense of camaraderie develops within the community of participants as they embrace the material day by day, examining their lives, questioning their assumptions, and sharing responsibilities, such as preparing a meal for the group each day!

The work is profound. The days are rich.  And the experience is empowering.
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This is a required program for Certification in Japanese Psychology, providing 96 credits toward certification.

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