The Way to Happiness by Three Questions – a Ted Talk

 Photo of Ohyama with permission
This Ted Talk on Naikan titled “The Way to Happiness by Three Questions” is now available on YouTube. You can watch here.
It is in Japanese, but English subtitles were recently added. The subtitles will appear if you click on the closed captioning button marked “cc” in the lower right side of the screen of the video.
The talk is by Ohyama Shinkoh, a Japanese Buddhist priest. Rev Ohyama published a Naikan book in 2012 that has sold around 10,000 copies. Its Japanese titled is Okasan ni shite moratta kotowa nandesuka, which literally translated is “What did you receive from your mother?” An English translation of the book is now being prepared.
As a young man Rev Ohyama did a week of intensive Naikan with Yoshimoto Ishin. It was a transformative experience that led him to leave the company he was working for and become a Buddhist priest. He offers intensive Naikan once or twice a month in Japanese and English at his temple, Rengein Tanjōji in Kumamoto, Japan. Over the past 25 years he has led 2000 people in intensive Naikan. He also offers email Naikan. You can learn more about how he understands Naikan at his temple’s website: